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Griya Luhu App

Admin System

Web based software.
The management application is used by waste bank managers to input customer savings. Features
Feature :

Waste Bank MasterInventory

Waste Bank Unit Application

Mobile Apps.
An application used by waste bank administrators to perform waste bank administration tasks such as recording savings data, viewing activity reports, and making withdrawals. Features:

Customer InputSavings Deposits
Sorting RatingWithdrawals
Waste Pick-upInventory
Reports> Scan Barcode / QR

Customer Application

Digital Passbook for customers to check their account balance, transaction activities, and a QR Code for ease of depositing waste.

Waste Separation Assessment Feature

The waste separation assessment feature implemented by TPS3R to evaluate the results of waste separation by the community. Each resident who separates waste properly will be awarded +1 point, while those who do not separate waste will receive -1 point. Over a certain period, points can be accumulated to show appreciation to those who excel in waste separation.

Reporting Feature

The reporting feature is a functionality used in the TPS3R system. This feature provides information to sanitation workers about violations committed by the community. Report senders will be kept anonymous.